• Yoga of Touch

    Tantra invites you to live your unique you. By accepting all that you encounter on your path and by being curious about all experiences you will discover the truth.

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Tantra is a more than 4000 year old path which differs from all other spiritual paths because it embraces all of existence. Good, bad, ugly and pretty etcetera. Thus also our sexual energy the source of life your life energy is very welcome. That doesn’t mean hedonism on the contrary it is consciousness, openness and honesty that can form the foundation of living life at the fullest. That is why Tantra to me is the path to living life in freedom. By being in the moment because all is welcome and by remaining centered you create peace trust and balance. In my tantra practice that is what I try to pass on.


Nourished and moved by the total fullness of life in all of it's unsurpassable beauty I am allowed to flow in the tantric bedding of my heart. As a young boy I was fascinated by the wonders of nature and despite a rather challenging youth I preserved the trust to follow the passions of my heart. As I love the outdoors I like to spend time in nature and connect with trees, flowers, the Earth and the Sun. This is also why I still work as a garden designer and landscaper. A born rebel but with a cause which has always been to follow my heart and make a difference in the world.Travelling, learning languages and several studies have made me a cosmopolitan man. I have a special interest and sense of purpose when it comes to men's work. I hold men's circles whenever I can and specifically like to work with conscious male sexuality. It is an inspiration to work with brothers and share my gift with them so we may share it with the world. As men we can make the change that is needed to honour mother earth and serve the divine feminine.

Tantra as the Yoga of touch

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