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Anand Shahid
Life-Cherishing blissful love!

Tantra is a more than 4000 year old path which differs from all other spiritual paths because it embraces all of existence. Good, bad, ugly and pretty et cetera. Thus also our sexual energy the source of all life. Our life force energy is our creative energy, our vitality, our gift to the world.

That doesn’t mean hedonism, as this is often lacking heart connection.

It is all about consciousness, openness, honesty and living from the heart. That is the foundation of living life at the fullest. That is why Tantra to me is the path to the heart, living life in freedom. By being in the moment and embracing all and staying centred you create peace, trust and balance. In my tantra practice this is what I offer.

On my spiritual journey to find, truth, true connection and freedom I  discovered and came home to Tantra in 2008. After years of relating, workshops, trainings, festivals and coaching the logical next step was to share what I had learned. So I started my own practice in The Netherlands in 2016: BeingofLoveGroningen which in 2017 went international as Shahid-BeingofLove. In this ‘work’ the way of the heart is my path and I feel honoured to be able to share my passion for life in loving connection.

Gerd van Helden Tantra praktijk Being of Love Groningen

I create a safe and warm heartfelt setting in which I would like to invite you to connect with your heart and body so that your life force energy may flow through you more freely.

If you want to connect and inquir as to how I may serve you on your path. As I travel the World I suggest that you send me an email: info@shahid-beingoflove.com

Feel welcome.
Anand Shahid