Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage Groningen Haren

The Kasmirian Tantra massage is a special kind of massage. In fact it is not a massage as you might think. As masseur I am not so much doing or giving a massage I am not working I am making conscious touch. In that conscious touch unfolds the ‘massage’ which is above all an invitation to surrender, drop into your body and let your life energy flow again. The life or sexual energy that is often low key because most of what we do is mental.

Massage is a natural way of making contact. The kasmirian Tantra massage invites you to be connected without doing and without goal. In the contact the contact evolves and this invites us to feel and surrender.

The kasmirian tantra massage takes about 2 hours and can besides being deeply relaxing also revive the sexual energy. This healing energy will be spread all over the body and will stay in the body. There will be no exchange of sexual energy between the giver and receiver.