Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces the vital live energy or prana. The energy that we all come from and from which live flows. By slowing down, being in the moment and without doing we open up our senses. Through the senses comes aliveness and there your body can take you to drop into the experience. With Tantra you may discover that you can be totally present and by being able to fully say yes to yourself is how you can connect to the world and the people around you.

Vital energy
In Tantra your vital energy is your sexual energy the energy with which we were brought into being. It’s the bases of all creation, creativity, passion for live and inspiration. That were pulse of live can be felt. Tantra is a spiritual path that invites you to explore that energy, feel it end live it. That isn’t so much about sex, it’s more about feeling into, letting go, surrender and transformation. To be in your sexual energy and not doing anything. I would like to invite you there to feel into that and to rediscover the connection with yourself in connecting. Touch is a primary need. Touch with no other purpose but to consciously touch in the moment, is touching. This kind of touch touches both and connects both and lets the life energy flow again in each one and between both.

The body knows
That’s where we are really connect with when we can surrender to how life unfolds. Especially in conscious touch we can connect with our essence: love. We are all beings of love en if we reconnect with that essence life opens up in abundance en power. The only thing needed is to open up, surrender and flow. In my tantra practice Shahid-BeingofLove I invite you to step into that field. Tantra to me is weaving life in embracing all that is. This doesn’t mean mindless surrender more since nothing needs to be pushed away you can relax in the moment. Relaxing allows you to connect with feeling and intuition. From that unfolds that what is and which may move from within you.

Tantra invites to be present in the moment because that’s where live is happening. Without pushing or pulling to make things happen, quite a challenge for our western mindset and a powerful exercise in consciousness. Massage to be is a very natural way to touch and make contact with another human being. All our senses are activated and at the same time you can relax in the moment. You can move out of your head and are invited to drop into your body.